If I knew what coaching was…

How on earth can someone help me in a domain that he/she is not an expert ?

There are many valuable things around us that we ignore or judge wrongly. I did that with coaching. My past resistance and reluctance to it is a good life lesson, a good example of missed opportunity because of a haste and biased judgment.

My first encounter with coaching was 11 years ago, when I met a lot of coaches at the first spiritual and self-development center from Romania, Seeds for Happiness. The center is founded by the first Romanian coach, Mihai Popa Radu and many of his colleagues came regularly to Seeds where I’m a volunteer from the beginning.

At that time I was very quick in judging coaching and quite stubborn in trying to analyze it more. It is true that many coaches that I met were beginners and some without any clue, so not the best coaching ambassadors, but that is not an excuse for my own biases and superficiality.

Another reason for my subjectivity was that I’m very familiar with the traditional idea of coach and coaching ( from the third grade I was coached for tennis) and I couldn’t understand how someone can help me in a domain that he/she is not at least familiar.

When I found out that modern coaching is not about giving answers and instructions but about asking the right questions at the right time and you are the one who find the solutions, I was even more intrigued.

Why should I pay you while I’m the one who is finding the solutions ? Just for the conversation ?

Now that I’m a coach, I understand how ignorant and sometimes arrogant I was. If I knew what coaching was, quite probably I could succeed with some of my last couple of years projects. I could save money, I could save time and energy and maybe with some I could make a living. Now I know, if I could hire, even a beginner coach, I would consider the coach fee as a smart investment.

My coaching formation journey is transforming me from a cynical skeptic into a strong believer in coaching. I see it more and more as a brilliant tool for being in service to others by just creating the proper space for their own exploration. The solutions that you find by yourself are always much more valuable, they give you confidence and are much easier to integrate into your life.

No matter how smart, how resourceful, how self aware we are, we still have blind spots and those blind spots can costs us important resources. Yes, coaching can save money and time.

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