Teodor Ciontu

Life and Leadership coach

“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it” Epictetus

After more than 25 years of entrepreneurship (I founded my first company at 18) I’ve decided to honor my lifelong passion for self-knowledge and to be in service to others in their similar inner exploration and self-development journey through the framework of coaching. 

My coaching and mentoring services are for people who want to discover and manifest their potential, to find their voice and “to express their unique message, insights and gifts”, to expand their self-awareness & self-knowledge and to live a more authentic life. 

I’m a long-time practitioner of meditation learned from different Buddhist monks and Vedanta teachers.

For more than 10 years I’m a collaborator of the first Romanian center dedicated to spirituality and self-development, Seeds for Happiness.

Since 2010 I’ve been part of the organizing team for quarterly retreats in Romania of Buddhist monks from Rabten Choeling – Center for Higher Tibetan Studies. 

For more than 8 years I’ve followed the Vedanta teachings of my teacher from India.

I also resonate with different teachings and practices from Stoicism, Taoism and Kashmir Shaivism philosophies. 

I’m deeply inspired by the sage Ramana Maharshi. I’m influenced by the work of Viktor E Frankl, Carl Jung, Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan, Jordan Peterson, Jacob Needleman, Christopher Wallis and many other great ancient and modern thinkers. Regarding coaching, I resonate the most with the work and vision of Arjuna Ardagh, Thomas Leonard, Hetty Einzig, Martha Beck, Joseph O’Connor, Steve Chandler.

Being a sports enthusiast and regularly doing physical activities, like running, lifting weights, bodyweight exercises, I can also directly assist my clients looking for improving their physical training. I love cold showers and in general exposing myself to the elements as a practice for pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. In some training programs, I include the practice of gradual exposure to the cold. 

I don’t believe in values imposed through ideologies, no matter how nice they look on paper. I strongly believe in the fundamental values that we can find and integrate organically when we are self-aware. By observing ourselves we can understand others and our life contexts much better. We can understand how valuable life is for everyone without discrimination.

We can understand how important it is to be accepted for who we are without any form of judgment. Our respect for others will come from a more genuine space when we understand ourselves more profoundly. We will know that everyone has the same struggles, sufferings, fears, hopes, aspirations. 

In this perpetual pursuit for achievement, we should not lose ourselves, our humanity and our core values. Life can become meaningful when our success, our money and our influence are making a difference in the world, otherwise, we are missing the point.

The golden intersection of maturity, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is giving me the confidence that I can be a valuable partner for anyone interested in aligning their deep values, desires and callings with their true nature and to find the avenue for expressing them into the world.

Through my services I hope to ignite the spark for knowing thyself more profoundly, to offer a coaching space that inspires tranquility, confidence, courage, optimism, curiosity and joy.

I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.
Richard Feynman
American theoretical physicist