Being of service

Coaching Programs:

Inner Silence Coaching –  It is the foundation of my personal method of coaching. It is inspired by different schools of thought, spiritual traditions and my lifelong self-enquiry practice.

It involves meditation and other practices aimed to open a space for deeper non-judgmental exploration, with more intuition, courage, creativity and play than in a standard coaching session.

It is a transformative method that is empowering us with the tools and knowledge for getting and maintaining the mental clarity and stability necessary for our overall wellbeing and for manifesting our personal and professional potential.

I bring different elements of Inner Silence Coaching to all types of coaching that I’m offering. 

Fearless Coaching Program – It is a program where we constantly change gears. We have a very precise destination and we will do whatever we need to get there, as fast and safe as possible.

This type of coaching is pushing constantly the boundaries of the comfort zone. It is straightforward, painful at times, but very efficient in discovering and transcending our obstacles and achieving our daring goals in due time. It works the best when combined with Inner Silence techniques.

Very good for achieving specific measurable goals and for improving performance.

For this program, I offer assistance outside coaching sessions, so if you are looking for ongoing support, accountability, encouragement and inspiration, Fearless Coaching is for you.

It is the coaching program with the highest chances of you firing me… and hiring me again after a while.

“Be bold, Be humble” Coaching – It is a Leadership coaching program focused on finding and manifesting your leadership qualities (we all have them) in your personal and professional life. Through this method, we tailor together your unique leadership style with respect to these two fundamental virtues of great leaders: boldness and humbleness. 

After this program, you will become the best expert in your own life and the ruler of your world.

Mentoring services:

Like a sports coach, I share my expertise and I provide guidance and training programs while I actively assist you during the process. I usually combine the modern coaching framework with the traditional approach.

  1. Meditation
  2. “Back to fit”
  3. Personal & Business branding

My clients

Mostly I work with people who are interested to know themselves better and to find what is truly meaningful for them. Most of my clients are already involved in different types of self-development work and are conscious of the importance of meaning in everything they do and believe. Usually, through my coaching services, they want to expand their self-awareness and perspectives on life matters and how to align themselves with their core values, desires and purpose for a fulfilling life.

The chemistry session

My first session of 60 minutes is free and has the purpose to know each other.  In the first 10-15 minutes, we will explore your motives and expectations from coaching and your questions. In the next 10-15 minutes, I will present the framework of coaching, what is and what is not coaching, the ethical code, administrative and logistics aspects, my skills, my level of coaching education and my coaching approach. The last 40-30 minutes will be used as a sample of a coaching session, working on a real objective of yours. The session will be usually over Skype, Zoom or telephone.

The exploration session

If you decide to hire me as your coach and I conclude that I can offer the best coaching services that you need, we will schedule a 60 minutes session for the exploration of your main topic and the particular goals for your coaching program. We will also agree about the optimal number of sessions, the schedule and payment modalities.

The coaching programs

Usually, my clients are hiring me for an initial program of six to ten sessions with a weekly meeting frequency. Obviously, a coaching program is tailored for your needs so the initial program can be shorter or longer, for example, four or ten sessions and with different frequency, once per month, bi-monthly or two times per week.

Sessions will be held mostly online, using Zoom or Skype. When needed we can have face-to-face or telephone sessions.

I’ve completed a one-year coaching training from One2Coach, a well-reputed school accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

By definition, coaching helps the client to find the solutions entirely by oneself, through a coaching specific space of exploration developed and maintained by the coach-client partnership. The process is very well structured and defined by the ICF coaching competencies and ICF coaching ethical code.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung